New Casinos UK 2018

New online casinos appear at a regular pace, and if you frequent any casino review website you will see new casinos popping up all the time. Many players will have a favourite online casino, but it’s worth keeping an eye on the new casinos to see if they are offering anything fresh.

The market is fiercely competitive, and in some cases the up-and-coming new casinos have innovative ideas that eclipse the old guard brands, leaving them to fall behind. Even old favourite games may be more attractive in new casinos, with generous welcome bonuses or better odds in the sportsbook. It’s a good idea to take your time and do research when choosing a new casino, as not all are destined to succeed. Here you can find a guide to the best new casinos online, so you won’t end up picking a dud.

35 Spins
£50 Max Bonus
200 Spins
£1200 Max Bonus
200 Spins
£600 Max Bonus
50 Spins
£100 Max Bonus
120 Spins
£1600 Max Bonus

Appealing Features of New Online Casinos 2018

In a market this crowded, new casinos face a big challenge when it comes to winning their slice of the pie. Not surprisingly, they have high-class promotion features and material to entice new customers away from the more established sites. The initial appeal of a new game is exciting, but this can soon fade with time, so new casinos apply generous promotions as well. The best new casinos have sign-up bonuses, often with no deposit required, such as free spins or credits so that new players can try out the feel of the casino, and hopefully be persuaded to change their allegiances.

Reputation is everything for an online casino, and a major part of a casino’s longevity will depend on word of mouth reviews from the punters using the site, as well as review sites. Just as important as this is the level of customer service. Any new casino that expects to keep going will need to assure its members that it can be contacted at any time, so a 24/7 live chat is practically essential for keeping a loyal customer base.

What to Look for on a New Casino Site

Variety is of the utmost importance to those who play on a regular basis. Players want to be able to play games from the major software providers such as Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech, so having titles from these industry big-hitters will attract new players.

Not only are the reputable games famous for their graphics and exciting gameplay, they also provide a seamless playing experience with no distracting glitches, and players can be assured that the games are completely fair. Customers of new casinos should look out for game titles from well-known software providers as a sign that the casino is of good quality.

Players are often on the lookout for better returns, and if the new casino’s winnings potential seems better, this will be enough for even the most loyal customer to jump ship.

Choosing a New Casino in the UK

There is a wave of new casinos on the market today, leaving players spoilt for choice. However, any smart customer knows that not all new casinos are as trustworthy as they should be. There are a few basic steps to take when choosing a new casino. New casino online guides may not be much help for the very new casinos. Check for tips on player forums, but even this may not yield many results.

The site itself will contain the most clues. First, look for the license and regulation details. These should be displayed on the footer of the home page, or in the Terms and Conditions. Speaking of which, this is a case where skipping reading the T&Cs can get you in real trouble. The first thing to check is that the casino is licensed for players in your country. If not, there is no point reading any further. Then it is important to read every clause to make sure the casino is fair and that there aren’t any hidden surprises. If you don’t understand something, contact the customer support for clarification. This will also test how helpful and efficient their customer service team is.

Pros and Cons with New Casinos

It is not necessary to have an account just to look around the site. Test how user-friendly the interface is, and see if any games, especially slots, are available in free-play mode. Most good casinos should offer this option, so that players can get an idea of how smoothly the site runs and the range of games on offer. It’s also a good idea to see if the mobile site has comparable functionality, and see if the site offers a mobile app.

Good new casino sites should have a professional look, and be easy to navigate. Be wary of anything that detracts from the professionalism of the site, such as language mistakes in the printed text. A few errors may not be a deal-breaker; casino site developers try to provide several language options, and chances are the site is not written in the native tongue of the people who created it. However, consistently poor writing is a sign that someone is not paying attention to detail, which could easily be reflected elsewhere in the site.

Bonuses and Promotions at New Casinos

Any new casino hoping to get a foothold in the market will need to provide attractive bonuses for new and existing customers, and a scheme to reward loyal customers. Be wary of ‘too good to be true’ welcome bonuses – casinos rarely give money away and if it looks like that’s what they’re doing then there’s probably a catch.

An example might be a huge number of no-deposit free spins, or a match deposit up to a much higher than usual maximum. Offers like these are likely to come with such high wagering requirement that the chances of seeing any of that bonus in real winnings is very slim.

New Casino Trends 2019

As online casinos evolve, and technology improves, we are bound to see some new trends in the types of casinos and bonuses on offer as new casinos join the market. One likely shift will be in the way casinos reward their customers. Any seasoned player will be wise to the generous bonus with unfeasible wagering requirements, and these are only likely to attract newbies.

People who are new to the world of online casinos are more likely to choose a well-established site, so new casinos need to focus on luring more experienced players away from their old favourites. One way to do this is to offer innovative bonus schemes which actually see returns. Some new sites now offer cash micro-rewards each time a customer plays with real money. Frequent players will see their rewards add up quickly, and they can be withdrawn for cash or used to make more wagers.

Another trend that started to take off in 2017 was the virtual reality casino. Although the technology is still in its infancy, big developers have started taking a serious interest in making some of their existing games compatible with virtual platforms, as well as developing new ones for this market. This could be the next big step in the online casino experience, as it takes the player directly into a simulation of a physical casino, where it’s possible to play games in real time and interact with other players. The coming years will see if this is a passing fad, or if it’s here to stay, but as technology improves its likely that more new casinos will have a virtual reality version as well.

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