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UK Gambling Commission - Casino License

The UK gambling commission is a body that regulates all gambling activities in Britain. It was established under the Gambling Act of 2005 in partnership with different licensing authorities. Before any company is licensed, their operations must be in line with objectives of the licence. The National Gambling Act of 1993 also permits the commission to regulate the National Lottery. Freespins-uk always recommend this casino license for the players.

Rules and Regulations

This body is independent and non-departmental public body. Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport sponsors the body. The commission receives money from the sale of the licence to both individuals and companies. Their main office is located in Birmingham. They also have offices in Wales, Scotland and England. When issuing licences, they also have the power to control the number of gambling businesses operating at a particular place (to prevent unhealthy competition).

Registration Process for Licenses

The licence registration process is very simple and straightforward. First, you need to decide the type of licence you need to obtain, then apply online. Before your licence is considered, you are required to submit your application with several documents such as operator identity document and policy documents attached. In the case that any one of those documents is missing, they will decline the request.


The documents must be scanned copies. The application should be accompanied by the application fee. For the processing to start, the fee must be paid first. The fee can be paid either via cheque or bank transfer. In case your application is revoked due to missing information, and you have paid the fees, you will be refunded and get an email explaining the reason for application failure.

Different Casino Licenses

There are several licences offered by the commission, such as: Remote Casino Operating Licence - All companies providing gambling services to UK citizens must acquire this licence. Companies which do not operate in the UK but they have any of their gambling equipment located in the UK are also required to have this licence. Remote Gambling Software – Operating Licence - They issue the licence to all gambling software companies which develop gambling software to Britain casinos.


The licence is eligible to the company (regardless of the operating location) as far as it gives software service to any company licensed by UK Gambling Commission. Remote General Betting Standard – Real Event – Operating Licence - The licence is issued to all the gambling companies operating in Britain. The licence applies to real event casinos such as football or horse racing.

Responsible Gambling on the Internet

In gambling, security and fairness are some of the most significant requirements by the UK Gambling Commission. The licences issued ensure that the company operates in a fair and open way. In case they fail, their licences will be revoked. The commission also protects children and other vulnerable people from being exploited by gambling. All the gambling companies are required to ensure that every player is 18 years and above at the time of registration.


Upon signup, all new customers are required to upload documents such as national ID card to prove their age. If they fail to issue the necessary documents, their application is declined immediately. The commission must ensure that gambling does not cause any crime or be a source of illicit behaviours on any side. By so doing, they ensure responsible gaming.