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Malta is a small archipelago located in the Mediterranean Sea. It borders Sicily and the North African coast. This country has a vibrant economy, coupled with great historical sites and lovely beaches. The Maltese government has been committed to attracting foreign investment and has over 40 years of experience in foreign direct investment. Here you can find a number of casinos with this license.

Rules and Regulations

The island country has a highly skilled and multi-lingual labor force and enjoys social, political and economic stability. For this reason, this beautiful country is a top tourist and business destination. Gaming is one of the main recreational activities in Malta. There are casinos, bingo halls, and amusement machines in various areas. You can also enjoy cruise casinos or try your luck in the national lotteries. Remote gaming is available in Malta as well.

Registration Process for Licenses

Are you a business person or venture looking forward to setting up a casino or any other gaming venture in Malta? If so, the gaming licence registration process is a straightforward matter. The first procedure you need to undertake is to have a look at the MGA Licensee Register. This register enables you to see all licensed operators, the licensee names and statuses, gaming services, or the URL for online gaming ventures.


Armed with this information, it is now time to apply for a licence for your gaming operation. Before this, it is good to know that the MGA licensee relationship management system will help you track the progress of your application.

Different Casino Licenses

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is the body mandated by the Maltese government to oversee all gaming activities. Without their approval, your operation will be illegal and you will be met with stiff fines and penalties. As you look forward to establishing a gaming venture in Malta, this organisation will help you make your dream into a reality without running afoul of any laws in the country.


Before you begin, you should know the different types of licences given by this body. There are different licences for the various types of gaming. These include regulations for casinos, amusement machines, bingo halls, cruise casinos, non-profit games, horse racing, sweepstakes, and other gaming devices. Depending on the type of venture you wish to pursue, you will need to apply for one of these licences before setting up shop.

Responsible Gambling on the Internet

Like other jurisdictions, Malta encourages and supports responsible play. Irresponsible gaming is very risky and has consequences that can lead to many problems. For this reason, the Responsible Gaming Foundation (RGF) was formed on February 18th, 2014. The mission of this body is to create awareness of the consequences of problematic gaming and to provide advice and support for irresponsible players and their families. Their goal is to assist these people as they go through the recovery process.


They serve to provide a safeguard to prevent underage gambling, as well as create awareness of gambling addictions. They also serve as a watchdog in order to prevent illegal activities, such as money laundering. Organisations like this ensure responsible gaming so everyone can fully enjoy their time in Malta.